Know-how expertise knowledge

  • Loading systems freeze dryers
  • Interface lyophilizer
  • Cleanroom logistics
  • Unloading freeze dryers
  • API handling at freeze dryers
  • Passive microbiological monitoring
  • Active microbiological monitoring
  • Airborn particle monitoring
  • Handling of settle plates
  • We offer adapted equipment for microbiological monitoring
    of the clean room and the machines in the aseptic production area.
  • The Settle Plates can be opened manually or automatically.
  • A fully automatic storage system for Settleplates with automatic, timed and logged
    and equipping the monitoring position is available. The system offers control
    with an audit trail and batch report.

AFI Symposio, Rimini, Italy


The symposio AFI takes place in Rimini from 8th to 10th June. Our agency MLTC-Europe
is exibitor and contact partner during the symposio.


Links to specific workshops:
61° Simposio AFI | Le sessioni scientifiche (

61° Simposio AFI | Workshop (

  • Loading systems for freeze dryer automatic, semiautomatic, manual, vials, trays, frames
  • Automatic loading and unloading of lyophilizer
  • Frameloader
  • Trayloader
  • Vacuumconveyor
  • Barriersystems, RABS
  • Cleanroomlogistics
  • Special machines pharmaceutical industrie

Automatic loading row by row

The left hand picture shows the available principles at MOTUS for automatic row by row loading and multi row unloading.

PBP - Pusher/ BackPusher
Pusher for Loading, backside Pusher for unloading

PC - Pusher/ Chain
Pusher for loading, outside chain for unloading with unloading bar stored inside lyophilizer

PP - Push / Pull (chain)
Loading Pusher, driving portal with flap for unloading, also with chain as alternative

PBC - Push/ BackChain
Pusher for loading, chain/device inside lyophilizer for unloading, push out



  • Consulting
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Projectmanagment
  • Specifications
  • Monitoring
  • Sterilecontainer
  • Crimping devices
  • Magnetic wall systems
  • Cleaning devices
  • Manifolds

We are currently (August 2021) looking for exclusive sales representatives for the following countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Turkey
  • LATAM countries

You are welcome to contact us:

Alexander Wagner mail to: alexander.wagner(at)motus-engineering(dot)de

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MOTUS Engineering is specialized in the logistics between filling machine, lyophilizer and capper. We solve your needs on the point.

The automatic loading and unloading of freeze dryer under aseptic cleanroom conditions is the main business. Vials and liquids can be handled by our machines. The field of retrofit of existing aseptic filling areas is also a major business.

Our machines solve the interfaces between filler, cleanroom, capper and lyophilisers in a proper and safe way. The filling of freeze dryer trays and unloading of trays with powder is an additional expertise. OEB levels are observed by various solutions. We are familiar with API transfer.